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Our line of flight cases are built to endure the harsh environment and handling noted in airline travel.  Whether you are touring the world or traveling to shows on the weekend, Our Flight cases will ensure your gear gets there SAFE.

Guitar COMBO Amplifiers

Made custom to your amp, Our Flight cases are built with only the best materials known in the industry. Lined with sturdy polyethylene Foam not only look beautiful but offers superb protection. EXPLORE OUR OPTIONS.

Pedalboard Cases

Lugging around a heavy Pedalboard through America's largest airports or across large venues can be extremely tiring. Wheels and Pull-out handles are available with any of our Pedalboard flight case options.

Amplifier HEADS

Built with the same style and quality, We have options available to protect your valuable Amp with a matching Flight Case.


Built with budget in mind, Our line of Pedalboards are budget friendly yet elegant and fully customizable. Check out our SLANT SERIES PEDALBOARDS